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In the recent times there has been an epidemic of spyware, adware, and malware found on many people's devices. Along with these, many internet scams have also surfaced. This software has caused countless problems and has cost our customers a great deal of frustration and money. As such, many of these issues will come and go, and will always change with the times. However, there are a few things that you can always do to stay safe. Because of this, Kinn Computers has issued the following computer safety bulletin for the general computing public. This bulletin contains tips and tricks to help you stay safe on the web.

What are spyware & adware programs?

Malware is a general term used for software either primarily developed for or parts of software attached to programs to monitor the actions of the computer it is installed on, damage the software in a computer, delete critical files, and even attack other computers in the same network. Malware is also known for causing a large number of pop-ups, which are a gateway for some viruses that cause errors and affect the overall operation of computers dependent on the software.

Below, is a list of known scams and tips that will help you stay safe on the web.

Browser Hijackers:


Tech Support Scam:

FBI Virus:

SIM Swapping:



  • Do not browse unfamiliar websites that you think could be dangerous (sites could install spyware or hijack your browser without consent).

  • Do not install software or programs if you are not familiar with what or where the software comes from

  • If you want to block dangerous ads, you can download "Brave Browser" (not sponsored) which has built-in features like an ad blocker and privacy measures to keep you safe online. Link for Brave:

If you have any questions regarding spyware, adware, trojans, viruses, plug-ins, programs, or software please feel free to email or call us at or 570-356-2969

If you want to block dangerous ads online, you can download "Brave Browser" (not sponsored).